We all keep things we do not use or need. But some of us live in quiet desperation and denial; overwhelmed, entangled and paralyzed by burdens we try to hide--fearing judgment, condemnation and rejection. Do you?

Serious hoarding is more common and severe than you might realize. But no matter how bad it has gotten, the logjam can be broken. With practical information, understanding support and some changes in behavior, both your internal and external blocks can be moved. There is hope!

ClutterStompers is a forum where you can safely share your experiences and concerns about being a “pack rat” or having a “pack rat” in your life. Why not see if tested techniques, loving compassion and gentle accountability can make a difference for you? Come and join us, a support group specifically designed to help you with your clutter problems.

The next meeting will be September 14, 2019

Where:  Harris United Methodist Church, Komuro Lounge--Room 9
               20 South Vineyard Blvd (diagonally across Pali Longs/Pali Safeway)
When:  the second Saturday each month from 2:00 pm to about 3:30 pm
Cost:    $10 annual subscription fee plus $1 per meeting for refreshments

808.723.1673 P. O. Box 10304, Honolulu HI 96816

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